Twilight Lamp (2016)

A huge twilight lamp, blown out of proportion. That big that you are able to stand inside together with 10-12 persons. The lamp, in this case a medium for interaction, has inside a fireplace as light and heat source. During the evenings, as it gets colder, people can stand inside the enclosure an be comfortable against wind and cold. The hood of the lamp keeps the heat close by.


People inside the lamp have to interact with each other, whilst there is only one small entrance. People inside stand close to each other and have to move around each other to be able to keep the fire going, or to enter/leave the lamp.
On the outside, the audience is presented with a shadow play from the people inside the lamp.

The lamp is build in the spring of 2016, together with the help of Firas Dahhan, a Syrian from Aleppo seeking refuge in the Netherlands. He was invited to do an ‘internship’ helping out with building the lamp.



The lamp is made out of steel, an oil drum, some filter material and some fireproof fabric.