Directing Sunlight (a serie of works)

A series actions concerning group interaction and passing/reflecting sunlight via mirrors.
This project researches the group dynamics (interactivity) to establish a moment of connectivity, in which participants, which all are holding a mirror and via the mirror passing through the sunlight in order to create an almost physical connection.


DIRECTING SUNLIGHT FROM OUTSIDE TO UNDERNEATH THE ALTAR A moment of connection or togetherness in which 6 persons holding a mirror form a human chain and are passing on sunlight by reflecting it. The chain starts outside where the first beam is reflected inside and ends when the sunlight arrives under the floor where the altar of the church is standing on. The altar being one of the last ‘sacred’ objects in the church. By this group action an almost physical connection is made between the persons holding the mirrors, resulting in a connection between the inside and the outside, between the light and the dark.

Mozes & Aaron church, June 10th 2011, Amsterdam


An action performed in June [2010] at the Dutch Art Institute, where the students where invited to do a 1 hour exhibition as a closing presentation of the GoodTrip/BadTrip project we had been working on for a year.
The exhibition space was the theory room of the institute.

An action performed at MKM artspace during Real Presence 2010, Belgrade. Sunlight was brought into the basement of the artspace, which was flooded with water. The whole day was cloudy and rainy. After waiting a couple of hours there was a fifteen-minute gap between the clouds which allowed the performance to take place.


USING SUNLIGHT MAKING SHAPES The series of works started on Olkhon Island, (Siberia) on the Good Trip/Bad Trip projectof the DAI (2010), in co-operation with Mark Kremer. A group of five persons with mirrors started to make shapes using sunlight.

‘In an indirect and yet allusive way, Eelco Wagenaar realised a hommage to a core experience of Olkhon island: that of eternal sunshine. Olkhon is a part of Buryatia, one of the most southern regions in central Siberia which has a special feature: the fact that here the sun is shining for 365 days in the year. The Dutch artist realised an action with the help of others, in which the natural light coming into one of the brighter DAI-spaces was transported to the project room through mirrors. The artist had done a similar action at Olkhon, where people standing in a circle held mirrors with which they passed on sunlight to each other, creating a circle of light. The circuit that he needed at the DAI to accomplish the piece was different, yet the piece had the same visual clarity. Simple and magic at the time, it radiated a euphoric joy.’ – Mark Kremer





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