An installation made for the graduating show at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2009.

With my work ‘Unfold’ I try to lay an emphasis on the relation between the space and its
user(s). The installation intervenes in the way the user perceives the space. The installation
in the shape of a cube captures the space, which forms a ‘real’ image (‘reality’), and
translates it unto the two dimensional planes of the cube. So, on all the planes of the
cube this doubling takes place, by which a spatial and not accessible vacuum is being
created, a physical non-space.
This non-space is filled up by the registration of the space right below the cube (a level
down) by projecting that image on the top plane of the cube. With this installation I try
to lay bare the consciousness of the user of his or her experience and perception of the
space. And, importantly, that experience does not have to be necessarily physical in

[qt:http://eelcowagenaar.nl/test_wordpress/wp-content/uploads/UNFOLD__352x288.mp4 352 288]

One could say that Unfold is a prism of realities: a true reality and a projected reality
(a virtual reality).
By intertwining different media the installation has both the quality of virtual
transparency and at the same time an opaqueness, that does no grant the user to
perceive his or her mediation, yet it does offer it to others, in real time.
This grants it a quality of immediacy. Yet it is impossible for the viewer to perceive his of her own registration.
Changes in the space are directly translated in the projection and exert a direct effect on the image.